How to Keep Safe Trading Cryptocurrency at Immediate Connect


Before you deal with any online platform, you need to consider your safety. This is because the internet is flooded with many cyber thieves and their number keeps on growing day by day. They come up with new strategies regularly to use to access your private data and transactions. So, the best thing is to be cautious whenever you transact online.

Choose Reputable Exchanges

If you want to exchange your cryptocurrencies, you should only do it at reputable exchanges. Don’t use any exchanging platform you come across because you may end up being duped of all your cryptocurrencies. Take your time to identify popular exchange platforms like immediate connect that other traders have also used for some time.
It would be better to ask for help from traders you trust if you don’t know any reliable exchange to use. Moreover, embrace social media and join various channels for crypto traders. This is because they give a lot of advice and recommendations in the crypto trading space.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

Avoid trading on your device using public Wi-Fi because it increases your chances of being hacked. Many hackers target public Wi-Fi and use it to easily get access to people’s accounts using hacking software. So, if you are in a public place and want to check on your account, you can at least use mobile data to keep it safe.

Another best way is to use a VPN service. Connect to a trusted VPN when using public Wi-Fi because it prevents hackers from reading your data. The software encrypts all your information and makes it unreadable.

Use Strong Passwords

Your passwords are also a strong security measure you need to pay attention to. For all your trading accounts, you should use the strongest passwords that no one can easily guess. Avoid using information like your name and date of birth or those of your family members because hackers can easily get them.

It is better to use a mixture of random numbers and letters. Additionally, longer passwords of over 8 characters are the most recommended than shorter ones. If you are worried about forgetting stronger passwords that have a mixture of numbers and letters and are long, you can use a password manager to keep them.

Update Your Software Regularly

The software you use on both your desktop and mobile devices gets outdated with time. For example, your Windows, antivirus software, and VPN need regular updates. You need to update them to strengthen your device’s security. This is because updated versions come with strong security features against any new virus attacks.

The good thing is that the software usually notifies you every time it is outdated and needs an update. More so, the vendors also inform their customers about any new versions created especially via email. So, you need to subscribe to the vendor’s emailing list for regular updates.

Log Out after Trading

Many traders usually make the mistake of not logging out after trading which puts their accounts at a high risk of being accessed by intruders. No matter whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or PC to trade, you have to log out of your account after your trading activities.

This is because if you don’t do so and another person accesses it, he or she can withdraw your cryptocurrencies or transfer them to their accounts. Don’t take chances with anything concerning your money. Every time you want to trade again, you can log in, but log out of your accounts after your day’s activities to keep safe.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Viruses are among the top strategies that hackers use to access and destroy your data. The good thing about antivirus software is that it detects all of them including malware on your devices. Not only that, but the software also removes them as soon as possible.

You need to install antivirus software on your trading devices to boost your security. Your task is to identify a trusted vendor on the market with software equipped with advanced security features. But always remember to update it with time as directed by the vendor.

Keep Safe as You Trade in Crypto

Boost your security as you trade at immediate connect to carry out your crypto trading activities without issues. All the tips listed above will guide you on how to keep safe.